About Us

Our story dates back to the year 2000, at this time Thai was tipped to the next big thing in food. Holiday makers, backpackers and business travellers were all returning in their droves from this beautiful Southeast Asian country with a taste for the exotic flavours and aromas that can come only from Thai cuisine. Restaurants specialising in Thai food started popping up left, right and centre to satisfy these newfound cravings of the British public. There was, however, a lack of products in the UK market to enable Thai food lovers to recreate these delicious, yet quite simple, dishes at home. A group of individuals passionate about Thailand, its food, its people and its culture, noticed this gap and came together to fill it. In conjunction with Thai chefs, they worked long and hard to create a complete range of authentic Thai products that would enable both novices and professionals to prepare delicious, authentic Thai meals in the comfort of their own homes. Thai Taste, now one of the fastest growing Thai brands in the UK, was born.

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Our Values

Authenticity It is really important for us that our products are authentic and truly Thai. That's why our entire Thai Taste range is and always will be made in Thailand, by Thai people, to Thai recipes, from local Thai ingredients. 

Quality The quality of our Thai Taste products is a huge priority for us. That's why the entire range is made with great care from fresh, premium ingredients using only the latest equipment and technology in our BRC accredited factory in Bangkok. 

Health Healthy eating is a major concern for us, as it is for many people nowadays. That's why we are delighted that our all natural Thai Taste products contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or hydrogenated fats, making them perfect for cooking up light, tasty and diet friendly meals.

Simplicity Removing the mystery and apprehension associated with cooking ethnic cuisines among UK consumers is one of our many goals. That's why we've put easy to follow recipes, helpful tips and clear product information on all of our Thai Taste packaging.

Innovation We want to continuously improve and expand our product range to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to enjoy cooking and eating Thai. That's why we will strive to come up with new ideas, flavours and innovative products, just like our Easy Thai Curry Kits.


Our Charity

We owe so much to the wonderful people of Thailand who have made it possible for us to create, produce and sell our authentic Thai Taste products. To give something back to the country that enables us to do so much, each year we donate a percentage of our sales to the Duang Prateep Foundation, a truly worthy cause dedicated to bringing education, hope and enablement to the poverty stricken people of Thailand. More info.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy Thai Taste products? Thai Taste is available in Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Whole Foods Market and selected independent retailers nationwide. Check out our Where to Buy section for more information.
  • Can I buy Thai Taste online? Yes, Thai Taste is available online from Amazon.co.uk and Hard to Find Foods.  
  • Can I buy Thai Taste from you direct? Afraid not, we are not set up to sell to private individuals. However, you can buy Thai Taste online from Amazon.co.uk and Hard to Find Foods.
  • Can I buy Thai Taste outside of the UK? Thai Taste is available in the US from Whole Foods Market. For information on availability in other countries, please get in touch with us here.  
  • How can I sell Thai Taste products in my store? If you would like to stock Thai Taste products, please fill in our Trade Enquiry form here.
    Our UK distributor is Bespoke Foods, if you would like more information please visit www.bespoke-foods.co.uk
  • Why should I buy Thai Taste? Thai Taste is a truly authentic Thai range. The whole range is made in Thailand to traditional Thai recipes using only the best all natural Thai ingredients.  
  • Where are Thai Taste products made? Thai Taste products are made in a BRC accredited factory in Bangkok using local, fresh Thai ingredients. 
  • Why is Thai food considered to be healthier than other ethnic cuisines? Fresh herbs and spices are used abundantly in Thai cooking, not only do these add delicious and distinct flavours; they also make Thai one of the healthiest cuisines around. Many of these herbs are even said to have medicinal or healing properties that help relieve such everyday inconveniences as indigestion, stomach pains and headaches - another great reason to enjoy Thai!
  • How do I make the perfect Thai curry? All you need for a perfect Thai curry is a dollop of curry paste, a big splash of coconut milk, a dash of fish sauce and a spoonful of palm sugar. To this add meat, fish and/or your choice of vegetables, serve with rice (sticky or jasmine are both equally delish) and enjoy! If it's your first time, why not try our Easy Thai Curry Kits.
  • How do I make my curry spicier/milder? The great thing about making your Thai curry from curry paste and coconut milk is that you can control how hot or mild it is. For more heat, simply add more paste or if it's too spicy, cool it down with a bit more coconut milk. Remember Thai food is all about balance and your own tastes so don't feel obliged to stick to the quantities in our recipes, experiment!
  • What should I dip into my Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce? Why not try fish cakes, rice crackers, fried pork, prawns, pitta bread, pizza crusts, chips, breadsticks, the possibilities are endless! Did you know Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce is not just for dipping, it can also be used as a marinade or glaze with chicken, fish, pork, veg or whatever else tickles your fancy! Check out this delicious recipe for Thai Sweet Chilli Salmon.
  • How sticky should my sticky rice be? Traditionally sticky rice is moulded and dipped into curries, sauces, soups and the like, using the hands instead of cutlery. So make sure your rice is sticky enough for this, but do bear in mind that sticky rice tastes just as good when eaten with a trusty fork!     
  • How is Rice Bran Oil different to other oils out there? Rice Bran Oil has a much higher smoke point than other oils so it is perfect for stir frying and deep frying. It has a delicate, slightly nutty flavour and is said to be healthier than other oils as it contains several vitamins and minerals and absorbs less oil when cooking.
  • What can be used as a good alternative to fish sauce? Fish sauce is used in Thai cooking as a seasoning as it adds a great salty taste, if you haven't got any to hand or if you're vegetarian, salt works just as well.
  • What can I use instead of palm sugar? Palm sugar is great for adding a subtle sweetness to dishes, if you've run out you can use brown caster sugar instead.
  • Can I recycle Thai Taste packaging? Yes, all of our packaging is recyclable so please do pop your empties into your wheelie bin or bring to your local recycling centre.